Welcome to the San Diego Young Artists Music Academy

San Diego Young Artists Music Academy (SDYAMA) offers a wide variety of programs in vocal, instrumental, choir, dance and many other positive activities in a healthy and safe environment. Our programs help develop culturally relevant and artistic activities for our students that promotes positive self-esteem and good order and discipline for young people. We make youth aware of their potential for creative self-expression and development. We foster a continuing interest in music and arts as a future career. We are also exposing our students to positive images, interacting and understanding between different cultures.

SDYAMA students learn valuable career and life experiences by participating in performances. The experiences enable students to provide community service, develop team building skills, overcome fear, commit to hard work, and increase self-expression and self-pride. Every year we participate and perform in several community events that are organize and produce by SDYAMA students. In addition students participate by invitation in parades, festivals, community celebrations, perform at churches, community meetings, sporting events, and many other venues.

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George L Hill, Executive Director

Our History

In 1996 George and Robbie Hill, two concerned citizens, witness gang activities such as graffiti tagging in their community. The Hill’s had a strong desire to do something positive for the young men of the San Diego area. They decided it was time to do something that would make our community a better and safer environment. They knew the only way to make a difference and bring about change was to stop the gang activities before it begins. As a result Nae~ Nae’s~ Music School and Resource Center was formed. In March 1997 the MADA Boys Choir consisting of 20 boys was also started. And then in 1998 they created a 501 c 3 nonprofit program called Southeast San Diego MADA Children and Youth Community Choir. In the year 2000 George decided to retired from a career in computer engineering and together with his wife Robbie, renamed the organization to The San Diego Young Artists Music Academy, an after-school and summer programs for disadvantaged youth.

Our Mission

The San Diego Young Artists Music Academy is a 501(c) (3) whose mission is to enhance the lives of youth through music education and performances as deterrents to the drugs, gangs and violence prevalent in their communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide effective after school programs to our children and youth no matter their socioeconomic, racial, religious or cultural background with a chance to change the course of their lives through music and education. Giving them a wider access to a quality creative experience, which might otherwise not be available, can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.