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Experience & Expertise 

Based upon the successful demonstrated 25 years of San Diego Young Artists Music Academy providing safe, effective Music & Arts and training and development services to the City of San Diego, as well as the surrounding unincorporated communities of National City, Chula Vista, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley, we have proven our expertise in operating successful youth programs and maintaining  fiscal stability. We have a staff that is dedicated to this organization and has been employed since the start. Our executive team consists of the Executive Director, 25 years’ experience in operating a nonprofit, a Marketing & Development Coordinator, who has been involved with the organization for the past 20 years, he is also the President of the Board. Our Board of Directors consists of strong community members who have a personal stake in seeing low income, underprivileged youth succeed. Since 1996 our organization has served and saved over 10,000 youth from violence and gang involvement prevalent in our communities.

San Diego Prestige Awards Lifetime Achievement Award 

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